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Title: BHBL League Rules, regulations and settings
Post by: Administrator on May 02, 2018, 03:53:02 AM

First and foremost respect your opponent. The Brotherhood is a gentlemen’s league We’re here to chill out, fellowship, compete but in the end have fun. We don’t care how good or bad your game is. If winning means everything to u this is the wrong league for you. This is a gentlemens league not a win at all cost type of league. If you’re part of The Brotherhood community you’re expected to be cooperative & loyal to the league U must be trustworthy, mature and ACTIVE You’re expected to follow the rules. If u are disruptive and u threaten the cohesiveness of the League you will be removed No offensive sportsmanship in your wins and your losses

Our league operates on EST zone. We expect you to be able to play 2-3 gms a night between 6-12. If you work during these hours do not join. Play your games. If you repeatedly miss gms u will be removed. We will not cater to owners and their lifestyle. If you’re schedule won’t allow u to keep pace simply find a league that fits your schedule. Be proactive. Msg your opp before advance or immediately after adv. Not responding to msgs will not be tolerated. You must join the League chatroom whenever online. Use of the forum and League chatroom is a must. Check the forum daily for Admin updates. Post in the forum every 48 hrs. If u have something to say do it in the forums or the chat. All quitters, cheaters and inactive users will not be invited to future leagues

Gameplay Rules

Although this is a video gm we try to emulate real life game play much as viable. Don’t try to exploit the faulty AI. This is a Sim League. This is not the League for everyone. Try to emulate real life situations as much as viable. If it wouldn’t happen in the NBA don’t bring that nonsense in here Let me reiterate. If u want to play arcade mode join a quick match. Do Not bring that cheesy arcade quick match style of gameplay in this League. If you join this League u must adhere to the rules. If you don’t like the rules Do Not join.

Beat your opponent straight up. No reckless arcade style game play. Let your opponent bring the ball up court. No backcourt/steals/charges mid or backcourt No running into ball handler to cause a turnover in backcourt or while running a play. No stealing the ball while opponent is at top of key running a play
Do not repeatedly try and steal the ball. Do not Full court press in the backcourt unless situation calls for it (down late in 4th)

Play on ball D at all times. This doesn’t mean you have to press your opponent at half court. Be on the player closet to the ball. If player constantly ISOs more than he runs plays, zig zags, does ankle breaker dribble moves you can play off ball

Double team is ok if needed but don’t abuse it Mix it up. Do Not Play zone all game (maximum 5 possessions)

No stealing the ball in backcourt (stealing from Bigs after a rebound or inbounds pass) Meaning u cant press after made/missed shots. After a shot get back on defense unless down by 20 or more pts or 10 or more in the 4th. With that being said. If you don't want the ball stolen u must wait for the defense to clear before throwing the ball up court. The defense is able to steal the ball while walking back on defense if you throw it in his direction. Occasional press in the backcourt is allowed to change the tempo of game. No attempts to cause an 8 sec violation. Half court or Half court trap. Still no full court press unless situation calls for it

Originally Posted by Hollywoodjae026
Also what about when you post a guy up and he switches off and lets the cpu defend the shot and he races over to help with the nearest defender. If it isn't zone and there is no double team called then isn't that a violation of the on ball defense rule?
Answer: If you dbl team with another player you have to stay with the dbl until the ball changes hands. No jumping back and forth. Also no dbl team while playing zone


Keep hailmary passes to the frontcourt at a minimum. You can push the ball with your guards (primary ballhandler) or (once in awhile) small forwards Play basketball don’t just run around with one player trying to get an open shot. Mix it Post up, set picks, pass the ball around run plays etc. Run best play option is ok No isolation unless situation calls for it.
Please don't turbo a player from one side of the court to the other side attempting to lose the defender. If a player does this the defense is allowed to play off ball defense. You must run plays. Lay off the turbo and set your offense up. No constant isolation.


Starting positions are determined by height and attributes. Players can sub and play limited minutes at their secondary position Players can't play out of position. Example: A player that is a SG/SF can't play PG unless he plays that way in real life

No more excuses. Xbox One has made it easy for everyone. For the sake of argument and for the love of Brotherhood TV. Away team must broadcast and record their game unless you work it out with your oppoent TwitchTV. If away team has an issue with home teams gameplay then home must bcast also


No Trading Year 1


When you joined the league you were told to Know the rules and that rules violations wont be tolerated. Like last yr false complaints on another user weren’t tolerated either. Last season if a false complaint was filed it was accompanied by a suspension but mostly the owner was removed from the league. Same goes for this year. No complaining unless you have evidence. This includes openly complaining in chat room and party. These are the guidelines for filing a complaint If you are playing a guy that you feel is violating the rules 1st you will need 2 qtrs of video evidence. Set up a cam, cell phone, capture card etc…After the gm post the video so I can watch to determine if a rule was violated.  If a violation is found it will result in the vacating of all wins (at minimum) to being kicked from league. If the complaint is false that owner will likewise be disciplined.  Again No complaining unless you have evidence. Openly complaining in chat room and party will result in disciplinary action. If it’s a simple complaint that can be fixed by talking to your opponent such as stealing in backcourt send them a msg If he doesn’t respond & I am online I will invite both to a party to resolve the issue.


Keep your gameplay realistic. If it doesnt consisitently happen in the NBA dont do it in the league
Example: The link below shows that Carmelo Anthony has the highest average of FG attempts per 48 min. game at 21.51 To keep it realistic youre shot atts each gm should rarely go over this mark
3pt attempts per game
Other stats click here

After reading the rules and you agree to follow them. Copy and paste these 3 questions and reply your responses in the forum under this topic
1.What are your available hours to play and join Lg chatroom?
2.What are your thoughts on our Lg rules? (likes/issues)
3.How long do you plan to stay in the league?
Title: Re: BHBL League Rules, regulations and settings
Post by: Agent Riko on June 08, 2018, 09:40:50 AM
Title: Re: BHBL League Rules, regulations and settings
Post by: Tank Skee on June 12, 2018, 08:39:47 PM
I completely agree with the rules and I will abide by them
Title: Re: BHBL League Rules, regulations and settings
Post by: Administrator on June 26, 2018, 08:57:27 AM
1.What are your available hours to play and join Lg chatroom? Mainly 7-11 EST
2.What are your thoughts on our Lg rules? (likes/issues) Substitutions
3.How long do you plan to stay in the league? Till 2K19
Title: Re: BHBL League Rules, regulations and settings
Post by: Hustlezz32 on June 26, 2018, 06:07:06 PM
1.What are your available hours to play and join Lg chatroom? Mostly at nights ...and on off days I can chat all day

2.What are your thoughts on our Lg rules? (likes/issues) the rules seem fair ..but it’s seems outdated a bit with the actual game play . I.e lebrons 2017 play off run and his numbers  just my opinion but I can fuck wit the way of play ...
3.How long do you plan to stay in the long as it stay professional